Questions about "Cataclysm"

We tried to searth for the word cataclysm, and we ended on

People was angry, and mmo-champion has banned alot of accounts because people on mmo-champion was spaming the forum.

mmo-champion, has posted one news around this:


Catclysm Leak Follow-up
The week-end has been .... interesting and I guess it's time to clarify a few facts :

You're so wrong!
Tons of people out there won't trust everything they read on the interweb, and I'm totally fine with that. But if you want to discuss about how wrong I am please do it in a nice way, you don't have to be aggressive and a lot of people got banned for that. I will probably cleaner the Blizzcon but we can't really afford to let the forums get out of control with insults and spams. If you feel that you didn't deserve your ban at all just mail me and I'll try to have a look at it.

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