Stay clear of blockbuster "blast radius" warns Molyneux

New products and new IP needs to stay clear of the big releases during the end of the year or suffer being crushed by the marketing of blockbuster franchises.

That's according to Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux, who said that titles such as Call of Duty or Halo swamp the media, retail and marketing channels before Christmas and make it impossible for new titles to stand out in the crowd.

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mrv3213761d ago

Didn't Fable 2 get a lot of advertisement? Fable 3 is getting quite a bit of stuff behind it now and finally Milo Microsoft big E3 thing WAS Milo so of all PEOPLE Peter shouldn't be opening his mouth. I agree with his statement but I don't believe he is the right person to say it... maybe because Fable 2 didn't do aswell as expected maybe he's blaming 'swamping' instead of his own overpromising of games.

Here's an example Dead Space, it was released with little overpromising and was a great game no expectations to be broken.

Mirrors Edge was also a great game but didn't get as high scores because people expected too much from it.

Moloney should shut up during developement he causes lot's of harm, he's like Jade Redmond(spelling) except instead of looks he has erm... the ability to make EVERYTHING sound better than it will be, infact he's kinda like Ubisoft looking at you Far Cry 2(grr)

Like to note. I did get into far cry 2 BUT only after completely hating and leaving it for a month so I'd forgotten my expectations and the bar was set even lower.