Xbox Live's Games on Demand: Good Value or Not?

Microsoft has recently launched a new service cleverly named "Games On Demand" which offers downloadable versions of Xbox 360 games (complete with manuals- although they are not guaranteed to be for the proper system). Unfortunately when compared to what you would pay for a new hard copy of a game these titles seem more and more unattractive.

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Chris3993763d ago

Call of Duty 2, $40?!!! Wtf? The game is 3 years old. Am I getting the shaft just because I'm Canadian? Can anyone tell me what are the U.S. prices like?

I like the concept of fully-downloadable games, but the execution - price and inability to pay with pre-existing Live points - sucks.

Rockox3763d ago

Prey is also available for $40, and wasn't it one of the launch titles? Either way, it's OLD.

Chris, I'm Canadian too, so I can't help ya on US prices. But I'm with you, I really dig the idea, but the execution just ain't for me.

Sk8boyP3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

The only reason they charge so much for the games it because of the convenience, and they're Microsoft. I was excited to purchase BioShock off this service but why would I pay $30 when I can get it for $20 with a resell/borrow/trade value.

TheBrit3763d ago

But these prices are ridiculous - COD2 is in-deed a rip off even here in the states. The cost of viva pinata and all of the other games is an outrage. What a great way to kill a service before it starts. For old games like that they should be no more than what you can get them for new in the store.