Morally Ambiguous Gameplay

Benjamin Quintero @ Gamasutra: "In Dexter the TV series, you are a serial killer who preys only on the wicked. Your victims are often the source of murder and other gruesome activities. This places Dexter as some kind of anti-hero; a serial killer, but one who is passionate about morals and the enforcement of law. How interactive does the game need to be before moms around the world start to hose down their paint brushes and drop a fresh coat on their picket signs? It isn't every day that we make attempts to romanticize a killer, but some may argue that this is amplified once you put a controller in your hand.

The TV show doesn't often get into the gritty details of his murderous actions; instead the show focuses on the chase, and shows only a glimpse of a chainsaw as the camera fades to black and pans away. This, in my opinion, is much more tasteful than the gore-porn of Saw films and others like it. It implies all that needs to be said and doesn't assume that the viewer is completely inapt of a little extrapolation. I think that something like this could be used to lighten the tone of the more gruesome portions of a Dexter game."

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