Go! Cast Episode #22

Go Gaming Giant brings you the 22nd episode of the Go! Cast, the official audio podcast of Go Gaming Giant. Fun and hilarity ensue as the guys talk about The Witcher, Tales of Monkey Island, Splosion Man and of course make fun of Matt and his PC games.

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nomoregameblogs3765d ago

good podcast. check it out!

Ziriux3765d ago

Ahh The Witcher, interesting convo in regards to that, I can definitely say it's a great game that I feel bad for console users not being able to experience but hey at least they'll get Dragon Age: Origins.

Reibooi3765d ago

I heard so much about how good the witcher was but I never felt a need to play it. Midevel setting games normally aren't my thing.

That said I don't think anyone on the console needs to care about the Witcher. Most of them probably don't know what it is anyway and on top of that Dragon Age Origins will more then likely blow the Witcher out of the water.

Go Gaming Giant3765d ago

oh ye, really lookin forward to Dragon Age

Ziriux3765d ago

It's an amazing game, it's Bioware made and that's all that matters to me, plus I've seen the gameplay videos.

Xeall3765d ago

I think Dragon Age could be good with a little more work, at the moment it looks like a fantasy sub par Mass Effect. Sure there are a couple of cool things but much like Shadow Complex, nearly being a previously good game with a twist isnt like being the previously good game.

Reibooi3765d ago

I think Dragon Age Origins looks much more like a beefed up version of the classic Baldur's gate games. Which makes plenty of sense considering Bioware themselves have said the game is the spiritual successor to those games.

All in all it's not my cup of tea but I'm sure the game will be great regardless and the fans will eat it up.

Go Gaming Giant3765d ago

ye nething made by Bioware is a must buy for me

Go Gaming Giant3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

question is, which platform will you get Dragon Age for? PC or console?

G3Ben3765d ago

Definitely PC!

And also, I think the Witcher is and will continue to be a better RPG and game than Dragon Age will be.

Great podcast!

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