British Retailer GAME Cite PS3 Slim Upgrade Deal As A "Possibility"

PushSquare: "With previous SKU overhauls such as the Nintendo DS Lite to DSi, British retailer GAME have done "upgrade" deals, allowing customers to upgrade their older system at a nominal fee. Speaking with our local GAME store's manager today, we've learned that a similar deal is a "possibility" regarding the PS3 Slim.

"The announcement was only yesterday," said our local GAME store manager of the Slim, "It's a little too early to say at the moment. However, it's certainly a possibility. We'll find out within the coming couple of weeks.""

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SuperSaiyan43769d ago

Why would I 'downgrade'? I have the fully loaded 60gb PS3 all shiny and wonderful downgrading is not an option.

get2sammyb3769d ago

Totally, of course that's your perogative. Some people might be interested in picking up the new PS3 Slim because of the aesthetics, furthered warrantly, smaller size and lesser power consumption.

It's certainly not neccessary by any means, but some might be interested in doing it.

BulletToothtony3769d ago

as we all know Sony isn't making that much money off of the ps3.. so a good move would be sell another sku with a bigger hdd for $50 since it would only cost them around $15 more to manufacture, they would earn a little few more bucks..

I think is definitely a good move.. 120gb is plenty and 250gb will be more appealing to some earning sony a better sale without having a high price tag.. but we're gonna have to wait to see sony's next move..

get2sammyb3769d ago

We have to assume that Sony have cut the cost it takes to produce a PS3 Slim. I'd like to think for their sake that they are making a small profit with the Slim, or at the very least breaking even.

Dead_Cell3769d ago

Brought a 80GB PS3 with UFC and inFAMOUS for £300.
I'm not sure why people complain about the PS3's price when deals such as that are around.