STP Cheap Shot: Saga Catapult Review

STP writes: "What are those specks on the horizon? Incoming enemies? Crap. Rally the troops! Form a perimeter! Man the defenses! Our village is under attack! Say what? We don't have any troops? The village only has one weapon, and it's a catapult? Give me a break... Okay, you, reading Slide To Play. Yes, you. Grab some rocks and jump on that contraption. You've never fired a catapult before? No matter- either you'll learn on the job, or we're all dead meat!

Such is your task in Saga Catapult, the new game from Silverlode Interactive. And frankly, hurling rocks has never been so fun. Enemies enter from the left side of the screen and make their way to the right. All you have to do is tap the ground where you think the bad guy will be when your boulder arrives. Shooting is a simple, yet surprisingly satisfying, tactile experience. Each enemy to make it to the right side of the screen drops your life one point."

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