Forbes Anti-PS3 Fallacies Smacked Down Again by SmashPad

Anthony Perez of SmashPad rips into Forbes' latest article "PS3 Slim: Too Little Too Late." He writes:

"We've had quite a history with Forbes here at Gamer 2.0 and SmashPad. Once again Forbes is claiming the PS3 has done too little too late with the PS3 Slim in an article written by Brian Caulfie…Brian Caulfied?

Wait, Brian Caulfield? Why does that sound so familiar?

Oh, that's right, because I've smacked that fool down twice already!

But you know what, now he's back at it with these sensationalist PS3 Doomsday articles (and we've discussed how we feel about those. See Attention Doomsayers: PS3 Is Not Dying ) This is the worst mainstream article I've ever seen on the gaming industry. Caulfield doesn't even cite any actual numbers and even has a typo in his main, and only, point..."

Read on for more.

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morganfell3762d ago

Looking at the skyrocketing sales, I would say that writer is feeling real uncomfortable right now.

When the NPD figures hit, with only a few days of exposure for the Slim and only at selected outlets it will be funny to see even more public whippings for this idiot.

gamesR4fun3762d ago

prob rollin in bags of ms cash lol

3762d ago
Rifle-Man3762d ago

I went to a Best Buy here in small-town Canada last night and there were only two PS3s left in a display built to hold at least 12.

When did that price drop again? Oh right, it was 11 a.m. yesterday.

3762d ago
meepmoopmeep3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

as said to me...

you'd think someone would like... wait a bit before making such claims, eh?
(not exactly as quoted to me)

edgeofblade3762d ago

This whole PS3 Slim situation has brought out the WORST in the community, on both sides. For the record... there are plenty of good games on all three systems to justify a purchase, and the least of those IMHO is the Wii.

A price drop for the PS3 means that more gamers can now be console agnostic and own them all. Every price drop is a victory for EVERY gamer. There is now even less of a reason to support one and only one console.

This is great news for everyone... yet another reason you can get over your collective selves.

3762d ago
randomwiz3762d ago

no he's right. the ps3 is going to pass lifetime sales of the original xbox soon(might already have). Obviously its a failure console and its just too late for Sony


evrfighter3762d ago

Just look at this way. Whoever buys a ps3 now won't be feeling the buyers remorse the fanboys here are feelin now.

NotSoSilentBob3762d ago

Morgan Everytime I see you have posted I can't help but give you Bubbles cause you speak the truth and don't spin anything.

FamilyGuy3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Many 360 enthusiast claim that PS3 supporters are being "hypocrites" for siting sales, but it's not exactly like that. Sales DON'T matter, not to the gamer who is simply happy to have games he/she likes on the system that they own. The sales claim that is brought up is a counter attack, as in, you just lost THAT chip, or you're going to.

You guys will still have attach ratio, and those extra Live - gold subscriber perks. (chips)

Just think of this in line with the older argument: "Ps3 has no games". Well that changed so it's brought up, and selling more systems as apposed to selling less (duh) is the same type of argument.

We aren't saying "are system is better because it's selling more/sold more" as many of you seem to have been. No, we are saying "ha, the system we think is best (for it games, features/whatever) is finally (/hopefully?) going to get the sales it deserves for being so great".

That was clear right?

Consoldtobots3762d ago

lmao @ a certain 360 fanboy talking like a gamer, where was your sense of fairplay BEFORE the price drop? It's kinda like the guy that acts tough and then wants to be friends when he gets an idea of just how hard you hit. It's very transparent.

edgeofblade3762d ago

I assume you're talking about me.

I can call out the faulty logic and mindless faith of the raving PS3 fanboys and still enjoy my PS3 for what it does right. You're the one picking a fight here. You're the one looking like the partisan dipshit.

rockleex3762d ago

"I can call out the faulty logic and mindless faith of the raving PS3 fanboys"

Because obviously, you're not a 360 fanboy. And obviously, faulty logiv and mindless faith are exclusive to PS3 fanboys and not applicable to 360 fanboys for some weird reason.


ultimolu3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Yep, bubbles for this man. Always speaks the truth.

You guys wouldn't believe this but somebody PM'd me and tried to force me to buy a 360, claiming it'll make me more like a human being. I have never laughed so hard in my entire life.

Sony was waiting for the right time to pull off the right moves. The time is now.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

The guy the wrote this does alot of whining and makes alot of claim about Forbes which is a well respected mag.

mastiffchild3762d ago

Jason360-I trust you read the original article in Forbes? If you didn't what you say is understandable but if you read it and didn't notice how it came over as a simple hare story with nothing in the way of facts or, indeed, figures to back up it's enpty conjecture then I really have to wonder if our eyes work the same way.

Forbes may be respected but that doesn't mean that they're a real authority on every subject they cover and this article is evidence of it. The fact the writer has a history of ignoring and mopulding the truth just makes it worse as it shows the editorial staff aren't doing their jobs properly and as a result weak stories like this will slowly erode their credibility. The fact it's getting attacked is good for everyone, imo, it was total BS and it didn't take a detective to figure it out either.

Forbes would do well to look into My Caulfield if this is indicative of his level of writing. Feeble.

The Lazy One3762d ago


that's all that really needs to be said about that. . . . . .

Why would someone who just bought a pro buy a new hard drive? that's absolutely stupid.

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Crystallis3762d ago

True dat Morgan..Bubbles up.

Christopher3762d ago

But I believe that his delivery and so called 'smack down' fails to help serve his point except for online fanboys who look for this sort of method of communication over sensible debate on a topic.

table3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Forbes ignored the facts, the biggest of which being is that the ps3 has been selling neck and neck with the 360 at a higher price point and has actually sold more consoles in the same time frame. I can't possibly comprehend how a price cut and a slim is too little too late when there is atleast another 7 years left in the ps3. The only people who are not sensible are the journalists at Forbes.

Christopher3762d ago

Yeah, but Forbes was delivering his own opinion on whether or not this would leap Sony up to a status as being able to compete with the 360 and Wii. His opinion is his, and ours is ours.

In the original news article I posted the exact same thing you did @Knightslayer, who posted and wrote the article. But, regardless, it's ignorant to think that there's little to no chance that Microsoft won't be able to combat this in one form or another.

The 'smack down' article really didn't provide any new information and pretty much just used the data from a third site to show up one element of his argument. He could have done a much better job, and even then it wouldn't have been a 'smack down' since both opinions are of equal value.

techwizz3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

It was a nonsense article by Forbes. They really cited no facts, there was a typo, it was ridiculous. Smashpad's right on point in this part:

"What pisses me off most about Forbes article is that supposedly they’re a mainstream publication full of real journalists. And what garbage do the publish? A 202-word brain fart void of a single citation or quotation. Meanwhile, game bloggers such as I are held to much less esteem. At least political bloggers write about something considered important, we write about a form of entertainment which still has problems legitimizing itself with film critics.

But hey, even if I’m not making big bucks like Brian Caulfield (especially from those tiny Google Ads at the bottom of this post), at least I’m not writing articles like him."

AnthonyPerez3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

"To show up one element of his argument"

What argument did the Forbes guy have? He only cited current price points, so I sourced a handy table rather than writing it out in a less comprehensible prose style.

There isn't really much I could have replied to his "argument" with because he didn't have anything. The point of my "smackdown" was to point out how poorly written of an article it was for a publication with the esteem of Forbes and to continue a storyline between SmashPad and Forbes for our readers.

EDIT: Also, his "opinion" wasn't based on anything rather than a shallow understanding of the price points. You may say "well, he's right because the average consumer doesn't know about the difference the add-ons make," which is true, BUT, if MS' marketing department is full of at least high school graduates, they'll run an ad campaign targeting at that difference.

Christopher3762d ago

I gotta apologize here. There were two articles with the "Too Little Too Late" title and I was arguing for the wrong one.

Go me and my idiot moment. Sorry to Anthony for the confusion on my part. You are correct, the Forbes article of the same name, that I got confused with, isn't much of an article at all.

I do still stand by my statement in regards to your delivery in general. But, that's just my position on the necessity of professionalism when writing about games and wanting to be respected for your writing rather than sourced for unnecessary points of interest by fanboys in order to fuel the flamewars.

AnthonyPerez3762d ago

It's no problem. My delivery in this one was for stylistic reasons and to call out Forbes for their terribly unprofessional article. I choose my voice depending on the kind of article I'm writing. I'm much more casual in blog posts, generally. I've actually freelanced for GameSpot in the past.

If you want a sense of my more professional tone, I'd suggest these two article that I think you'd probably enjoy.

Sony, Not Nintendo, Should Be Very Afraid of the iPhone (note that this was written right after the iPhone 3G was announced and games were shown):

And also, check out this feature about a new game developer:

Birth of a Game Studio: A Look at Prophecy Games:

StanLee3762d ago

Okay seriously which is it? Is the XBox 360 more expensive or less expensive than the PS3? Because fanboys can't seem to make up their minds.

3762d ago
AnthonyPerez3762d ago

It's okay, I'm used to it after years of this stuff.

cmrbe3762d ago

When will you understand the difference between value and price?.

edgeofblade3762d ago


You can't claim the PS3 sold more consoles over the same time since launch and expect to have a shred of statistical validity. I've destroyed that argument more times than I care to say, but I'll boil it down to the one point you need to know...

Only a lunatic fanboy would care about a token metric that no one other than lunatic fanboys cares about. A company deciding to make a game doesn't delay their game for a year for validity just to assess the performance of their game on the two consoles. They make the game in the current market environment, not some statistical fairy land where PS3 and 360 launched at the same time.

Please, put that argument to rest already. It's like choosing a winner in the console race by tracking how many calories Bill Gates and Howard Stringer ate at lunch...

table3762d ago

uuuhh, were you born retarded edge of blade? By your logic the ps2 failed before it was even released. Hypothetically speaking, if Apple released a console now you'd argue that it has already failed even if it had a better launch than the wii. A really foolish comment worthy of a fanboy like yourself.

cmrbe3762d ago

@Edge. The console that wins is the console that in the end sells the most units. The PS3 despite being 1 year late is selling at a faster rate than the x360. This is fact and an important one. Its important because if the yearly rate is the same for both conosle then that means the gap in unit sold is not widening or closing.

It is also a fact that the PS3 launched at 600 and now after alomst 3 years is now at the same price at the PS2 launch price. This is something the Forbes author forgot. The PS3 problem right from the begining was that it was unaffordable to most people and i am not surprise considering that people also complained about the PS2 launched price of 299 which was 100 more than the dreamcast back then. Now the PS3 is not only affordable but the most value in terms of hardware which is a fact and arguably software as well.

The Lazy One3762d ago

Anybody who isn't an idiot will spend less money on a 360.

If you're an idiot, you might spend more money on a 360.

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DonCorneo3762d ago

are not that uncommon.. just watch FOX..those guys are more of a PR rep than unbiased journalists..

or may be Caulfield is just an xbot fanboy.. LMAO!!!!

good job, Anthony Perez, for laying the smackdown on that f0ol. but the damage has been done. ordinary people now has the perception that the ps3 is a lost cause even with the price cut.

AnthonyPerez3762d ago

Thanks, like I said, I've responded to a few of his articles in the past. In past articles, he's at least cited statistics (usually outdated, but statistics nonetheless). I was appalled by how void his article was of ANY justification. It sounded like a blog post written by an MS drone.

And that's coming from a 360 owner who doesn't even have a PS3 (yet, I'm liking the price drop even if the Slim is ugly)

InfectedDK3762d ago

Great to see someone shooting theese fools down

eagle213762d ago

PS3 Slim #1 worldwide as we chat!

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