KYM: Doom Resurrection review

KYM writes: "Golden oldies are prevalent on the App Store. We've already got Sonic, Wolfenstein 3D and Space Invaders on the roster. We're not holding our breath for Mario, but who knows what the future may bring. Although Doom Resurrection is a game in the classic series that started back in 1993, it's a game made specifically for the iPhone.

Unlike its series siblings, Doom Resurrection isn't a full free-roaming shooter where you have to keep checking your back for enemies sneaking up on you. Well your character does, but the game does all the movement for you. Instead of having to worry about all that, you just have to control your character's aim using the accelerometer, while tapping items on screen picks them up. Simple.

Thankfully, the story isn't anywhere near as pleasant. Scientists have managed to open a doorway to hell, through which all sorts of zombified hellspawn are popping on through. You start your hellish adventure on board a station on the surface of Mars, but Doom Resurrection takes you to even grimmer, more desolate places."

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