Gamezebo Review: The Adventures of Fatman

The term "old-school" often refers to a throwback to an earlier time, an earlier culture. The Adventures of Fatman, a game made in 2003 by Socko! Entertainment and re-distributed by Wadjet Eye Games doesn't just feel old-school, it's practically ancient! But don't let the chunky graphics fool you; this is a hearty adventure, with a big, "fat" challenge.

The story starts out simply enough. You are Fatman, the greatest hero the city of Shadowlawn has ever known. In fact, you've done such a good job that there isn't much left to do. One night, there is a mysterious explosion at the Acne Cosmetics Company, and the survivor of the "accident" has become horribly mutated. Going by the name of Toxicman, and the ability to ooze, transforming others into mutant zombies that obey his every command, Toxicman is out to rule the city. Fatman must stop this green menace!

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