Finn fined just 3,000 Euros for sharing 768MB of music

Getting caught file sharing in Finland apparently carries far fewer financial repercussions than in the US. A man who was found sharing 164 albums' worth of music (768MB) and had illegally downloaded 1,850 tracks will be forced to pay fines of 3,000 Euros, or about US$4,230. Needless to say, that's a far cry from the penalties handed to American file sharers as of late.

A district court had ruled in February of 2008 that the unnamed man was guilty of various copyright violations and would have to fork over the cash for damages. During his appeal, the man argued that while he was aware the file sharing took place on his machine, it wasn't him who did it (was it the cat?). The appeals court in Helsinki, however, didn't buy this excuse and upheld the lower court's ruling.

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gamesR4fun3765d ago

seems pretty reasonable 2 me esp for a first offense.

Poopface the 2nd3765d ago

I have around 3500 mp3s on my comp and it is around 14 gigs. These fins are pointless unless they divide the money up based on each song and pay the artists who should have gotten the money, im pretty sure this doesnt happen.