Atlus Summons Persona PSP Trailer

Gamervision writes:
"To celebrate the impending launch of Persona PSP, Atlus unleashed this short trailer to get us hyped. Though it doesn't show a whole lot of gameplay, I think Atlus is correct in labeling the series "an RPG phenomenon". Persona may not have the head-shooting and social links of later games, it still has most of the things you would expect: high school kids facing countless demons by summoning personas that somehow reflect their inner selves."

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Christopher3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

I am definitely getting this. Still own my original PS1 Persona discs and it's a great game. Not as good as P3, but very much up there.

The new content and remastering is just icing on the cake and I can't wait.

Can't wait for Atlus to get into the PS3 gen of game development.

LadyStardust3769d ago

Well who knows if it's coming to the PS3. Maybe it'll be on the 360 ;)

Christopher3769d ago

I'd prefer it on the PS3, but I'd buy it on the 360 if that's all there was as well. I was far from trying to point it as the only way I'd play it, only we need some games from them for this gen rather than the DS, PSP, and PS2 only.

Grandreaper99993769d ago

I just started playing the original on my psp.. I think I should hold off until the remake comes out.

I have my fingers crossed for a persona 2 Innocent Sin/Eternal Punishment remake. Ohhhh.. How great that would be. By far the best of the "persona" series IMO. Probably the best of the SMT games overall too.