Edge - Rage: Under The Hood

Edge: "Everything is designed as a 60Hz game. We expect this to be 60Hz on every supported platform," says John Carmack, founder and technical director of id Software, as he prepares to show off the 360 and PS3 versions of Rage. And indeed, the PC hardware on which we see the demo running is doing just that, albeit with some heavy screen tearing. "The work remaining is getting it locked so there's never a dropped frame or a tear, but we're confident that we're going to get that," he continues.

Creative director Tim Willits takes up a 360 pad and programming director Robert Duffy a Sixaxis, and they begin to simultaneously play on the two consoles from where the PC demo started, through a battle with bandits and into Wellspring. The 360 version matches the PC's 60fps, but the textures on many surfaces currently flick visibly between resolutions as you move toward and away from them, while the PS3's framerate runs at just 20-30fps.

"The PS3 lags a little bit behind in terms of getting the performance out of it," Carmack acknowledges. "The rasteriser is just a little bit slower – no two ways about that. The RSX is slower than what we have in the 360. The CPU is about the same, but the 360 makes it easier to split things off, and that's where a lot of the work has been, splitting it all into jobs on the PS3."

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Nineball21123762d ago

Let's see how this one turns out...

I fully expect both the PS3 and 360 versions will be extremely similar / identical by the time this ships...

I'm looking forward to playing this game.

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PS360WII3762d ago

ha the game is a couple of terabytes! 0.o compression all around :)

I do like this idea "Or then there’d be the idea possibly of having some super-platinum edition on the PC that’s just an incredibly rich dataset, if somebody doesn’t mind putting out 60 gigs or something for it."

heh I'd maybe do that ^^