Analysts: PS3 Price Cut Puts Nintendo On The Ropes

After facing months of mounting price pressure, Sony at last knocked $100 off the price of its hardware platform with the unveiling of the new PlayStation 3 Slim. As the company strives to regain ground in the console war -- alongside an uncertain outlook for the industry's holiday season -- what ramifications will the move have on the hardware market?

EEDAR's Jesse Divnich says Sony is "finally" positioned much more competitively in the hardware space. "In terms of value, the PlayStation 3 is a superior hardware product in comparison to the Xbox 360," he points out.

But Divnich says that with so many other factors at play besides equipment comparisons, there won't be a sudden miracle shift in Sony's favor. "Nevertheless, the PlayStation 3 price cut will act as a positive catalyst that will close the sales gap between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360," he predicts.

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Gamer_Politics3770d ago

the wii will need to drop in price since both ps3/360 120gb models will be cheaper

Beast_Master3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

The wii isn't competing against the PS3/360 market, so I don't see the reasoning. Wii has been more expensive than a 360 for a year and it hasn't made a differance. Let's face it parents want to buy their kids toys, and that is what the Wii and DS are. Eventually many Wii owners will become old enough to be gamers and then they will buy the PS3/360 or PS4/720.

Let the kids have there own console, we have ours.

Socomer 19793770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

As soon as they broke even they passed on the savings immediatly to customers. Sony just has a big heart and are in it for the love... & the money but mostly for the love... & the money.

Nineball21123770d ago


LOL... Somehow I doubt that, however, it does seem that Sony realizes that a satisfied customer is a top priority.

Kill Crow3770d ago

There will be aslaes spike but does anyone see ps3 suddenly selling 8 million consoles MORE than the competition over the next year or two .... this on top of the normal sales?

complete and utter nonsense ... Let's look back here in a year and see the results shall we.....

Silly Mammo3770d ago

I love the PS3, but even I don't believe the price cut is going to put the Wii on the ropes.

Socomer 19793770d ago

There was a month where the wii sold 2 million consoles.

with something like that happening this generation anything is possible.

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The story is too old to be commented.