Less is More. Minimalism in Games (Part II)

Gabriel Lievano @ Gamasutra: "The surface is the part which you perceive in the most immediate form and so superficiality refers to the way you comprehend things just by their appearance or its most obvious. There's a lot of content and functionality under the surface which exists wherever you look, and in fact there's always a lot happening in even the most still things. However all this deep stuff happening under the surface is hidden, it requires for one to analyse, study and meditate about what's going on to break into the different layers of depth.

A game designer is a person which should always try to know all the things that will be happening deep inside the game's experience. Nature has already got it going on with the layering idea, but a designer must think in reverse in order to achieve this same effect. The objective: keep the surface as simple as it can be exposing just the main purpose of the game whether it is providing fun, giving some relaxing moment or communicating and idea."

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DJ3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Less is a Bore. =P