Will There Ever Be a Sequel to Vagrant Story? (an in-depth look at one hit wonder RPG's)

Will There Ever Be a Sequel? That is the Question a lot of people ask themselves after beating a satisfying R.P.G such as 'Vagrant Story', a solo dungeon crawl, in which the player controls Ashley Riot from a top down third-person perspective while exploring Leá Monde and the catacombs underneath.The protagonist is Ashley Riot, a male member of the Valendia Knights of the Peace (VKP) in pursuit of a cult leader named Sydney Losstarot. Sydney, leader of the religious cult Müllenkamp, laid siege to Duke Bardorba's manor in search of a key and kidnapped Bardorba's son, Joshua. Ashley's partner is Callo Merlose, an agent of the VKP Inquisitors. Also attempting to capture Sydney is Romeo Guildenstern of the Crimson Blades, whose mission was undertaken without the approval of the VKP.

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Homicide3769d ago

Vagrant Story was such an amazing RPG. It's a shame we will never see a sequel. I'm hoping for a remake or a PSN release at least - my disc is scratched.

Godmars2903769d ago

Since few actually played it when it first came out, shouldn't they be asking if the original will come to the West now that its on the JP PSN?

*THEN* they cold ask if there'll be a sequel.

skatezero2463769d ago

This and Legend of Dragoon should get sequels in my opinion