Heavy Rain - New Market Cinematic Videos and Trailer!

See new Market Cinematic Videos and as bonus the Trailer

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pandabear3760d ago

Looks great - the one in the market - I can imagine being quite tense as your sneaking down the isle and then the box falls.

Really looking forward to this - will be a nice change from the norm.

chaosatom3760d ago

The mix of cutscence and gameplay is what made indigo such a unique experience.

cranium3760d ago

I wonder how many endings this game will have.

Nitrowolf23760d ago

can't wait for this game

off topic:
why does GS have it listed so soon?

Nitrowolf23760d ago

sorry wrong link suppose to link to GS site, you'll notice 120GB slim ships 8/24/09

kingOVsticks3760d ago

I haven't been this excited for a game since MGS4. Man I love games like this, shenmue,ICO,SOTC,silent hill 2, or just about any game that gives you this surreal feeling that your actually in the game and not just controlling some toy. Its hard to explain but this game has that feeling and I can't wait until its released!