Sony Completely Rebrands The PlayStation 3

This won't have any real effect on you, the consumer, but it's still interesting to note that with yesterday's launch of the PS3 Slim, Sony were doing more than redesigning a plastic shell. They were rebranding the entire console.

One of the countless press releases Kotaku received from Sony yesterday gave implicit instructions that they were to cease writing PlayStation 3 as PLAYSTATION 3 (which is how it had previously been officially referred to as), and simply call it the PlayStation 3. Which is what they've called it all along anyway, but it shows that Sony may be coming around to the fact nobody appreciates the guy on the internet that USES CAPS ALL THE TIME.

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edgeofblade3764d ago

Bout time Sony got their head out of their branding asses. I like the new rounded logo. It's less imposing and evokes more... I want to call it, humility. And dropping the CAPS is a very welcome change, since it seems only Sony was adhering to the standard.

whoelse3764d ago

The old logo is associated with the PS3s troubled launch and months after that.

The new one is a nice refresh, and looks less hardcore, more family friendly like the Wii.

vickers5003764d ago

What the hell are you talking about? The new logo looks ugly as hell. And now all the new games I buy are going to look weird as f*ck sitting in the stack that they are now. I liked the ps3 game cases because they were distinct and unique.

Now it just seems that they are just trying to copy everyone else in the game case department. They sure as hell better not be as big as the 360's cases.

Nineball21123764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Evokes more humilty? LOL... you've got to be kidding me. I think I've seen it all.

Okay, I'll play along...

I think it evokes... more stability. No, that's not it. It's been stable from the beginning.

More reliability? No, that's not it either...

Oh, I know... I know... more "font approachability".

Good lord.

Mr Tretton3764d ago

The new logo looks terrible and generic. I guess it's fitting for the new slim, which is generic

They should have went with the old "PlayStation" and use a good, new font for the 3.

But yeah, the new slim logo is disgusting. All praise the 60GB

nix3764d ago

it looks like it's a fake PS3.. didn't we all say that when the pics were leaked?

oh well.. the pirates won't have to search for a "fake" fonts now.. lol.

Mr Tretton3764d ago

lol, yeah. It looks like it was assembled on the black market. You can't blame those of us that thought it was fake, hehe

NaViTo3764d ago

Well, the last Playstation logo with the Spiderman font wasn't much liked for me, I think the new font is better and cooler. Oh and more important it's original. I like it.