Sony 'Expecting Nice Uptick' in PS3 Sales (IndustryGamers' Interview)

Following the PS3 Slim and price reduction news today (among other announcements from Sony's conference at Gamescom), IndustryGamers hopped on the phone with Eric Lempel, SCEA's director of PlayStation Network operations, to talk about the impact of the new model PS3 and more.

The industry – publishers and analysts alike – have been practically crying out for a price cut on PlayStation 3 all year long. Sales have been slumping for PS3, and hardware sales in general in the U.S. are down across the board. Whether or not Microsoft and Nintendo cut prices as well remains to be seen, but bringing the PS3 down from $399 to $299 was a move many felt was long overdue. So what does Sony think? As you might expect, the company is quite optimistic about its PS3 business going forward.

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zok3103770d ago

We all are. Good to hear that they are finally launching a massive ad campaign.