PS3 Slim loses Linux, gains HDTV linkage

Digital Foundry writes:

"Sony has confirmed that the changes made to the new PS3 Slim SKU are not just cosmetic: additional features have been added, and OtherOS functionality has been removed.

In this press release, the company confirms that support for the Linux platform has been completely omitted in the new unit, but also reveals that perhaps more usefully, the new unit now interfaces directly with Sony's own Bravia HDTVs, allowing users to take control of the XMB via their television remotes. It also allows you to turn off both display and PS3 using just a single press of the standby button. All that is required to utilise this feature is for the new PS3 to be connected to the display using the standard HDMI connection. The new functionality essentially makes the PS3's enviable media-playback facilities that much more accessible and user-friendly to those who also buy into Sony's range of screens."

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Syronicus3767d ago

Not something that applies to me as I have no Sony HDTV's but for those that do, this could be pretty cool.

Nineball21123767d ago

and I wish that was available to me for my PS3!

I'm telling you... this Slim just keeps looking better and better... Very nice.

raztad3767d ago


I thought EXACTLY the same. Samsung is an excellent TV but now I'm somehow regretting not to have opted for the Bravia.

sarcasmic3767d ago

Wow, if you read some of the comments on that website. It's shocking.

Now people are using "Oh well it doesn't do Linux, so I'm not buying a PS3" excuse.

Add it with the other excuses in the past:

"PS3 has no games, so I'm not going to buy one."
"PS3 is too expensive, so I'm not going to buy one."
"PS3 Slim still has no BC, so I'm not going to buy one."

TheBlackSmoke3767d ago

When the 54% failure rate article came out there were kids trying to say the PS3 is inferior because the 360 has a better warranty ..LOL

Remind me to never have kids.

DJ3767d ago

I swear, the only complaint left after "I can't be a nerd and run Linux" is "The console's too thin for my liking."

HDgamer3767d ago

If people want a ps3 with BC then buy a used ps2, duct tape that sumbytch to the ps3, there you got BC.

eagle213767d ago

PS3 Slim is #1 all over the globe right now! Japan, UK, USA, Canada, etc.

Mighty Healthy3767d ago

If ppl REALLY want a bc ps3 than go BUY one that does, they have no one to blame but themselves.

Rifle-Man3767d ago

LOL! That's exactly what I did, minus the duct tape. I have my PS3 sitting on top of a fat PS2 – it's a monstrosity, but it works.

Sometimes I think that my setup is better than having BC on the PS3 because I can have both systems on at once. So if I'm playing a little Persona 4 on the PS2 and want to take a quick break and play a some CoD4 with a few buddies I can just pause the game, switch inputs on the display and get right into it.

Rhythmattic3767d ago

Actually, i even remember the "Collects Dust" thing...

With the new finish , there is no excuse....

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The Meerkat3767d ago

Linux is more of a threat to MS as a whole than Sony is.
Maybe MS think they will loose the livingroom to Sony and don't want Linux there.
Maybe Sony and MS struck a deal.

TheBlackSmoke3767d ago

Or maybe no one cares about the linux functionality?

sorceror1713767d ago

Sorry, I'm a big Linux fan, I have Ubuntu on my PS3... and even I can't buy that. The article lays out a pretty good case. (a) PS3s bought for supercomputers don't add to Sony's profit margins, and (b) it keeps people from using PS3s to rip Blu-ray disks. I'll add (c): porting the hypervisor to new hardware costs money, for little benefit.

This is exactly the kind of chin Occam's Razor was meant to shave.

Nineball21123767d ago


"This is exactly the kind of chin Occam's Razor was meant to shave."

LOL... nice! I'll have to try to remember that one. :-)

Yep, you're more than likely correct. The obvious answer is the correct one I think.

CrazyJ3767d ago

I'm pretty sure Linux support was cut for the same reason all other features were cut. Cost vs Use. Backwards compatibility was cut for cost. Memory cards where cut for cost. Even the movable ps logo was probably cut because of cost. People are demanding price cut and that comes at a price. Most people don't know but the OtherOS functionality had it's own flash chip. With it removed there's at least 1 less chip and all the extra stuff that was needed to support it.

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-Mezzo-3767d ago

Cool, can't wait to get one.

Kill Crow3767d ago

Fisher Price designed it ... they should have called it "My First PS3" instead of "Diet Ps3" ...

Mo0eY3767d ago

Awww, Crow wants one so bad.

TheBlackSmoke3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

LOL your poor.

The 360 looks like a portable radiator has been shoved in a vice.

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