The Halo Film - Can It Be Made?

With former Halo director Neil Blomkamp's first film wowing the critics, and rumours of a resurgence in the film's production, thanks to Steven Spielberg, Dealspwn investigates whether the Halo series has the core ingredients vital for a good film adaptation.

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The Meerkat3765d ago

Only once Uwe Boll and Shia LaBeouf are dead.

Rockox3765d ago

A more obvious question: SHOULD it be made?

WMW3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

the perfect halo film would have cgi similar to district 9 with space battles like the new star trek and shouldn't be based on the games there to shallow to carry a movie i say do a it based on the novels and don't use master chef as the main character do something like odst and have new characters who actually have personalities also a good script and cast

silverchode3765d ago

it would be a generic syfy movie.