First Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Trailer

Seen moments ago at Cologne's Gamescom, this trailer for upcoming Playstation Portable title Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker explains how the game will support up to four player cooperative play.

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Counter_ACT3769d ago

Just what I was going to say. Why the disagrees? lol

GameGambits3769d ago

I wonder if it will be able to use the Ad-Hoc program off the Japanese playstation store like Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. You can play co-op with anyone from around the world with very little to no lag. It makes Monster Hunter into a portable semi MMO.

If Peace Walker does it then it'll be great since I don't have 4 or even 1 buddy who's got a PSP and is into MGS as much as I am.

Christopher3769d ago

I was going to say it would be the second, but yeah, it's the one played at E3. Was hoping for some new gameplay.

SarcasticBastard3769d ago

Simply incredible! It's crazy to think that this gorgeous game is running on a PSP.

Day freakin one!

butterfinger3769d ago

This build of the game looks much better than the E3 one. This will be yet another EPIC MGS experience.

Redempteur3769d ago

incredible .. 4th co -op seems great ( AND you can leave the carton box behind as a hiding place or in order to jump on it )

i approve KOjima !!

Greysturm3769d ago

The gameplay mechanics look awesome, then again i am a bit biased about it.Now i just need to get another friend with a psp for 4 player ultimate action.

raztad3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Coop mechanics is absolutely sublime.

Is this adhoc? online?

This trailer got me excited.

umair_s513769d ago

Finally I got a game that justifies my PSP purchase.

mesh13769d ago

omfg shadow complex is the best thing ever made haha only onb 360 love i t love it

butterfinger3769d ago

never get tired of sticking your d!ck in your little plastic box, huh? Maybe one day you will venture out of your mom's basement and meet a real girl! It might be hard, though, because you are more than likely either short and fat, or a skinny little kid with terrible hygiene. ONLY ON XBOX360, FOLKS!

ArcticWolfUK3769d ago

im guessing mesh is too young to play MGS

poor little boy

kaz-hirai3769d ago

Shadow complex ? More like super metroid but terrible ;-D

Tee7soo3769d ago

very nice , i cant wait for this game .

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The story is too old to be commented.