StarCraft II Mission Guide Preview by StarCraft IncGamers

In July of 2009, StarCraft IncGamers went to Blizzard headquarters to check out the new Single Player component of StarCraft II. The team has compiled facts, impressions and thoughts on how the missions are shaping up. In this article you'll find everything you need to begin planning your trip back into the StarCraft universe.

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Medievaldragon3764d ago

Very nice compilation. There's stuff there I didn't know about.

Leord3764d ago

Good to hear you're not such a know-it-all ;)

Leord3764d ago

I like the 5a one. Bloody hell, sounds awesome with basically zombies attacking at night!

Leord3764d ago

Problems editing:

By Zombies I naturally refer to the infested terrans. The principle is the same, however...

Chazmers3764d ago

not really interested in StarCraft 2 but good to see an indepth preview of the missions

thetamer3764d ago

It doesn't look too different to the first game, which is great.

Terrice3764d ago

Excellent summary of the first few missions, thanks!

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