Lost Planet 2 co-op demo available now

From Gameswire: "Just a quick heads up for anyone eagerly awaiting the Lost Planet 2 co-op demo, it's there now!

The download is a reasonable 304MB in size, so go on, stop reading and go get it!

For those of you stuck at work, we'll chuck up some in-game screengrabs shortly."

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Meus Renaissance3765d ago

Anyone who has a mic, add me.

Aloren3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Well, it looks ok, but that really didn't make me want to buy the game. Gameplay is nothing special, and the camera was annoying... and also the content of the demo is not interesting, unless I'm missing something, but seriously, just a boss fight ? that's lame.

ShabzS3765d ago

oh snap ... its out today?? god i miss my 360 ... damn this stupid college

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