AAG Feature: Should Sony Start Charging For PSN?

With Microsoft continually charging for the Xbox Live Gold service and the announcement of the Playstation 3 price drop, will Sony start charging for the Playstation Network? In this article we delve into this issue.

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Nineball21123768d ago

And I highly doubt they would.

That is one of MANY distinguishing features between Sony and Microsoft...

And it's a POSITIVE feature for the PS3 and a NEGATIVE feature for the 360.

Syronicus3768d ago

And they would not. They have a source of revenue that is free to us to enter into and yet Sony continues to make money from us by way of small transactions. Movies, games, and Home all present Sony with revenue and they present us this avenue free by way of PSN. Online gaming should be free on all systems and those who charge for it should be ashamed.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3768d ago

Then they might start offering new subscription based services on PSN, perhaps something better and/or different than what XBL offers. If paying a fee to get something that makes PSN better than XBL is required, then why not? PSN is already great so if Sony starts charging that money could be used for many new features. Maybe it's just a matter of when, not if...

Syronicus3768d ago

Micro-transactions are the way the future is going. It's no commitment and easy to get into. Bite sized transactions make companies money while building faith from the public consumer, plain and simple.

Boody-Bandit3768d ago

I am quite fond of not having to pay to play online.

StanLee3768d ago

For what? What possible reason could they have for doing such a thing?

Reibooi3768d ago

Should Sony start charging for PSN? No they shoulden't. Fact is even MS should not be charging for XBL. Both Sony and MS should be making money by getting a little % of everything sold on XBL or PSN and that should be enough. There is very little reason to pay for online play.

I'll tell you it's kinda retarded to have to pay a fee to play a online shooter and THEN have to pay for maps later on. While on PS3 it's just paying for maps cause there is no fee for online play

PSN has a massive plus in that it's free and I don't think nor do I think Sony thinks it's a good idea to change that.

The Wood3768d ago

why, because we're getting too much value or something. Long n short of it is that we're the punter. We're not shareholders or members of the board. We buy consoles and games for our enjoyment FIRST, how they run their business is their decision so as long as they can afford to keep psn free we should be happy. Maybe people should use their time and write a glory piece about how they actually manage to keep it FREE and that they should be commended for doing so.....that'll make a change

MiloGarret3768d ago

To be able to whipe their asses with money?

My vote: NO.

Shani3768d ago

Noooooooooo... and I don't think they will...

This is the biggest difference between Xbox360 and PS3... This is the main reason I bought PS3 over Xbox360..

rockleex3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

There has never been a price issue for PSN because there IS NO PRICE for PSN. Lol.

I understand that the PS3 Slim poses a huge threat to the 360 and its fans, but it doesn't mean they should go and write articles on why Sony SHOULD charge for PSN... just so they'll feel justified for their purchase of a 360 and subscription fees to Xbox Live Gold.

They wouldn't feel the need to write these pointless articles if they just use the force and come join the Dark Side... for only $299. >:D

3768d ago
ThanatosDMC3767d ago

This outta fix the title: "Should Microsoft Stop Charging for Xbox Live?"

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dragonyght3768d ago

Sony should Start Charging For PSN so we can get what something like cross game invite, cross game chat and double charge for nexflix and what...ya facebook and twiter which are free on pc and the ps3 already have a web browser am i the only one see that something is definitely wrong with this picture

Automat3768d ago

get a 360 if you want all that childish sh1t on your console! I'll effing puke if facebook and twitter appear on the xmb.

fantasygamer3768d ago

sorry but having the service free is a fantastic thing all you need is the console and highspeed internet and sony could sell you DLC and Games from the PS store :)

Ludakriss3768d ago

hey I don't mean to sound like a victim or nottin' but it's already expesive as it is. Games, consoles, accessories you name it. Havin this Free net is the only upside on the console. Also gotta think bout them RPG's comin out they'll charge.