Microsoft quiet on Xbox 360 price cut

MCV: Whilst Peter Molyneux's impressive Fable III presentation was a pleasant surprise for most at Gamescom, the biggest shock of all was the lowering of the curtains with not so much as a whisper of price cuts or new Xbox 360 SKUs.

However, MCV was yesterday told by a national electronics retailer that Microsoft was considering delaying the announcement of its price cut whilst it waits for unusually high stock levels of both the Arcade and Elite to clear from the channel.

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Blaze9293761d ago

Maybe becuase there IS no "price cut"? Pro model just got replaced with the elite which is now Either way, not really a price cut.

qface643761d ago

i was gonna say the same thing i mean all they are basically doing is adding a 120 gig hard drive to the pro that is now in black

that's about it
should have waited to get mine oh well

N4PS3G3761d ago

there an article that was posted today ..that says is coming next week

Ninver3761d ago

There is no price cut. They just did a whole model restructure and you expect them to cut the price? not gonna happen people move along.

NaiNaiNai3761d ago

I love how when anything ps3 price cut related no matter how BS it was, IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN. but even the slightest bit for the 360, NO NO NO...ITS NOT GONA HAPPEN...

T_T you know this double standard thing is getting old.

KRUSSIDULL3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Fable 3 !!! have I missed something?

Edit: Nevermind can see like 10 articels about it YAY ! :)

Guido3761d ago

They are already the least expensive console on the market and have yet to see stellar sales. Do you think that cutting the price even more will help? They need to focus more on fixing their hardware and less on trying to gain market share.

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kaveti66163761d ago

Maybe Microsoft will make Live free. I'm waiting on that. Or maybe MS will drop the price to compete better.

ZombieAutopsy3761d ago

That way microsoft still makes some money and save the consumer some. Imagine a word so that wonderful.

qface643761d ago

yeah right and maybe will microsoft will stop loving money

they would never make live free as long as there are people willing to pay for it they will just keep charging

table3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Live free?... lol!! you'll be waiting a long time mate.

NaiNaiNai3761d ago

when theres more people paying for live then free psn, MS won't stop...maybe the day psn gets more users, ms will lower its price. but never free.

nix3761d ago

26 million PSN users... that was what was announced yesterday.

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farsided3761d ago

cuz they announced CUPPING!!!

N4G king3761d ago

we all know why they did that

MajestieBeast3761d ago

Ye cup balls in fable 3 the newest innovation in gaming.

N4G king3761d ago



farsided3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

...or breasts!

o snap i can't wait to use natal to cup a pair of digital tits lol...

-DeathWraith-3761d ago

Like I said on a related article. This isn't techniqually a "price cut", as the Elite model is only replacing the Pro model at a price of $299.

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The story is too old to be commented.