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3764d ago
NewZealander3764d ago

with all the games pushed back to 2010 and now fable 3 next year is going to be hot, kind of makes up for 2009 being such a lame year for gamers.

all ive bought this year is mass effect and a few other old games and a ton of arcade games! thank god assassins creed 2 is out soon so ill have a new game to play.

but with games like bioshock 2, halo reach, fable 3, lost planet 2, mass effect 2 etc launching in 2010 it looks like things are picking up!

Syronicus3764d ago

If you branch out you might experience fewer years with too few games. If you are getting board with games or they seem to be far and few between, you might want to get into another console...

dantheman15153764d ago

Is there a rule where you have to own every console to be excited? No, so shut your hole. Its not like he is flaming that the only good games are on 360. Or that he is saying that 2010 is the year of the Xbox, is he?

Maybe he isnt excited about Heavy Rain or God of War 3, not everyone has the same tastes. Im not uber excited about Heavy Rain, its a rent at best. But, God of War 3 does wet my appetite.

You are the close minded one, not the person above you.

meepmoopmeep3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )


i don't see anything wrong with what Syronicis said.
it's true, the more consoles you own the more games are available to you, is it not?

he wasn't attacking the OP, so calm down

On topic, i'll pick up Fable 2 once i finish Lost Odyssey and Fallout 3
Fable 3 sounds great from what the presentation stated.

Avenged Sevenfold3764d ago

Lame year huh? Maybe for you, but not for gamers. Learn to speak for yourself buddy.

ShabzS3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

yeah keep an eye out for Halo Reach ... i have a feeling that its going to be something special

Syronicus3764d ago

Shut my hole? Yeah, I will do just that when you can type without being rude. I was simply pointing out that if he had more than one console he would have had less of a boring year. Sorry for the logic. If it made your head spin, please forgive me...

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-Mezzo-3764d ago

I am so getting this game.

dantheman15153764d ago

I loved Fable 2, the fighting system was executed perfectly in my opinion. With Will, Skill, and Strength no battle had to be the same due to the large number of tactics at your disposal. Although the good vs. evil morality gameplay wasn't what it aimed to be, it looks as if they could do it right this time around with information gained from the previous installment.

Dont see this game in stores at Holiday 2010. This is because Microsoft will spend 99.9999 percent of its resources on Halo: Reach, and because Microsoft has learned what only a 2 year life cycle can do to a game. Gears of War 2 had amazing depth that keeps me playing the game still, but unfortunately has some network issues and other problems.

I expect to see this game in February 2011.

-Mezzo-3764d ago

Ok M$ looks desperate again, at E3 2009 they had nothing to top PS3 gaming line up so they forced VAVLE to make L4D 2 trailer, and now on GameCom again they felt weak at legs after all the Bombshells dropped by Sony, and now again in a try to answer back to Sony they announced Fable III. Bring in something new for at least once.


LordMarius3764d ago

Good thing I went to sleep and missed this yawn fest

-MD-3764d ago

Exclusive game > Console remodel

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The story is too old to be commented.