Full List of Microsoft's Announcements at Gamescom '09

Koku Gamer writes: 'We brought you the full list of Sony's announcements yesterday, and now here's the Microsoft version. Enjoy!'

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A HiFi3770d ago

I want to defend them but...underwhelming. I said it yesterday - showed most of their cards at E3. While Fable III does look wonderful, it was all Lionhead.

WengYong3770d ago

Unfortunate. Fable 3 will appeal to fans of the series, and I think that is news. No price cut announced? That sucks. We know its coming though

A HiFi3770d ago

No price cut was a big bummer. I mean, just that would have been okay. But...not even that. =/

PirateThom3770d ago

I'm not sure what you were expecting, Microsoft already said they weren't having a big conference. The was basically Lionhead showing off their new game.

I'm thrilled at the prospect of Fable III.

A HiFi3770d ago

A price cut or something. Some sort of Microsoft presence other than Lionhead. I don't think that's too much to expect considering Sony's presentation, regardless of how small they say it was going to be.

PirateThom3770d ago

Microsoft just see Gamecom in a different light from Sony. Microsoft were never a big presence at Leipzeig either.

TGS is only a month away.

A HiFi3770d ago

I guess that's true, as they didn't have one last year at Leipzig. But this is Cologne, and they surely would have had wind of Sony's announcements...

Zedux3770d ago

MS please don't fight just keep quiet and go back home! Get your acts together and wait till the next event to try showing a better ground game and form! Sony just won the UFC heavy weight title but you'll have your turn again (or maybe you will)!

phosphor1123770d ago

Thinks he knows everything about RPGs. That's why none of his games are good. He over promises and under delivers. EVERY TIME.

Guido3770d ago

The last conference I saw that was that pathetic was E3 '08 when Nintendo sot us all in the face with their crazy antics on stage. This one, might just be a bit more pathetic.

II Necroplasm II3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Hey Guido, take some more heroin and calm down.

callahan093770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Fable 2 episodic is cool, but I already have Fable 2 so I won't be participating. But I like ideas like that. Fable 3 is a great announcement, because I'm always in favor of more Fable. But it wasn't even really a Microsoft press conference. It was more like a Lionhead press conference. I mean, you'd have thought Microsoft would have said something about the Elite replacing the Pro, and show off more Natal, o something. Oh well. I wonder if they'll make more of an appearance at TGS, because we already know that Sony is going to bring the heat to TGS.

AAACE53770d ago

They probably won't do a price drop until they see what kind of impact the Ps3 slim has. If they notice their sales have dropped significantly... they will drop it soon! If not, you can almost guarantee that there will be a price drop for the holiday season.

Rock Bottom3770d ago

That was pathetic, not showing up would probably have been better.

Beast_Master3770d ago

I have yet to meet someone that is waiting for a 360 price cut before they buy one. Most people I know seem to be ok with the 360 price point. Sony needed a price cut badly. even if PS3 doubles 360 sales it will take at least 10 months for Sony to catch up.

I understand everyone would pefer a lower price but I have yet to hear a community out cry for one is all.

randomwiz3770d ago

Fable 3 was a pretty big announcement.

I think they knew Sony was going to make their conference look bad anyway with all they would announce, so they're saving their stuff for TGS. There's a lot of stuff that could've been shown from Microsoft's side.

Guido3770d ago

Heroin and calm down are not good together. Maybe a blunt to keep my edge yet calm my nerves. That's what keeps it poppin'!

beardpapa3770d ago

Maybe that's why they had their conference at a time when the majority of the US viewers would be sleeping.

FamilyGuy3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

M$ really did blow their load at E3, premature, just like the launch of their console.

I knew they had a "shorter" conference but DAMN! I expected SOMETHING more. Is this a joke, were they joking on this site and there was more they just didn't mention? M$ could've at least reiterated some things from E3.

Is anyone excited about this fable news, I hear it's a good series and whatnot and the first of these upcoming DLCs is free. I was really interested when the first game was being described (before it's release) during the original xbox days. Growing up and choosing paths that later effect your characters life and how people see you. It was an awesome concept but I never followed up on that as that's around the time i stopped gaming.

I wonder how big these packs will be content wise.

M$ really REALLY wants to get their feet planted in Japan so I expect TGS to be huge for them. Not as big as E3 obviously but still big. I guess sony just care more about each event (saving announcements for each) then having a preference of where to devote all their energy/budget

NickIni3770d ago

Fable 3 is nice, but overall kind of disappointing :(

Now where's that person who was mouthing off about how Microsoft's conference would be shocking and reveal tones of new stuff?

Marquis_de_Sade3770d ago

To be fair to MS, they're in a good position at the moment, their year on year sales are up, Sony on the other hand have ground to make up, so you would expect more announcements and a bigger showing.

Tony P3770d ago

To be fair, even though MS is in a good position, it can always be better especially when your competition is constantly trying so hard to outdo you.

Colour me a bit miffed that this was really all they had to offer their fans. Leipzig may not be E3 or TGS, but Sony sure put a good deal of importance on it and rest assured they will put even more emphasis on TGS since it's in their home territory. I can't play defender to this, it's just sad.

glennc3769d ago

i'm not sure why they have to have a big presence at every event. is it because fanboys will carry on like the babies they are if they don't. N4G is just a pile of fanboy sh!t these days. it's a shame

if it was sony you would be saying the exact same thing i just did. i am not defending anything here, just asking WTF is wrong with people these days? idiots.

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MGOelite3770d ago

somebody please spin this into a positive conference please lol good luck

Kill Crow3770d ago

some droids to spin this one like they spun Sony's E3 when they got completetly trumped by M$ ....

ShadowCK3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Yes, because Sony's Announcements were so much better. *Rolls Eyes*

A worse version of the Playstation 3 which is cheaper, informed people of their stats which no one cares about, playstation home announcements which again no one cares about considering Home is Sims without the fun factor and iplayer which you can easily use on your PC instead.


I'd rather have an exclusive which am I looking forward to thanks.

dustgavin3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

I know you are angry that Microsoft had a weak show but try not to take it out on Sony. It is not their fault you own a generic 360 console.

Etseix3770d ago

X what? strange, i dont remember something being called X aside X-men
:/ must be my imagination.

talltony3770d ago

Yes that is absolutley weak compared to sony's conference. Your a fanboy if you cant admit that to ur self.

-MD-3770d ago

New exclusive > Console remodel

Great conference for me as I just finished Fable 2 days ago and I want more.

MorganX3770d ago

Shadow Complex + Netflix + Magic The Gathering > ALL except women

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Microsoft Xbox 3603770d ago

Is this a joke? Underwhelming at best.

sugard03770d ago

Wow! Is that it? I log on this morning all syched up to get updated on the latest confrence which happens to be MICROSOFT, to be so underwhelmed by what I am reading.
I guess it truly is time to buy a PS3.

MorganX3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

The only announcement I needed was that Shadow Complex was available today. Went online from work to, bought it. Will be there ready to play when I get home.

Edit: And Netflix rocks! Only thing I can't figure out ... who are these people spending money on Avatars? OK, I bought a pair of dumbells to see what it felt like. Who needs an announcement when Avatar gear is selling.

TheTruth893770d ago

hahaha they even wrote ENJOY.


Chubear3770d ago

lol, that's what I thought too XD