Guilty Gear Accent Core for the Nintendo Wii - First Scans

Jeux-France has recently uploaded the first look Famitsu scans that confirmed Guilty Gear Accent Core for the Nintendo Wii. The arcade fighting game is set to be released this month on the PS2 in Japan, and will see the Wii port released on July 26th. The game will feature support for the classic controller as well as a unique motion sensing control option that allows for blocking and cancelling with quick wrist movements. There is no word yet on any release making it to the US at this time. Sega is handling publishing responsibilities in Japan.

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ITR4493d ago

Dam that looks good! =)

kamakazi4493d ago

i loved guilty gear x2(i think it was) i loved the music and the animation.

midgard2294493d ago

guilty gear xx was great, as was guilty gear xx slash. this is just another update, its not guilty gear x3, but im still gettin it for ps2, this has been out in arcades for a while. playin it on the wii is gonna kill hands if anyone knows how crazy they game is when your actually good lol.

ITR4493d ago

This is GG XX Accent Core.
I have a feeling the Wii ver will look better.

Odiah4493d ago

They should have just made the Mega Drive version downloadable.