New video demonstrating additions in Firmware 3.0

A new video has just emerged demonstrating features in the soon-to-come Firmware 3.0 such as never seen before dynamic animated wallpapers.

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gamesR4fun3760d ago

my new wallpaper that is XD

this is so sweet if they make this open for us to create like they did the themes its gonna b even sweeter.

I_am_rushin3760d ago

I'm confused. In the Eric Lempel video the "What's New" section is above Account Management. Which IMO looked bad. Here it is below it. So which is it?

WhittO3760d ago

Ye i noticed that, also, if you dont have play TV i guess we dont get the BBC iPlayer-Shortcut ?

We also dont get things like PULSE over here :( and the PSN store is generally crappy in comparison to the more organised US store.

But atleast we are getting the video store soon!!

Really wish Sony would like Unify their services worldwide, so there was one store and releases were at the same time, the only difference is price etc.

AJKanismajoris3760d ago

that is one awesome firmware, i'm in the uk so i gonna get that BBc iplayer, and i can't wait for some kick-ass moving wallpaper!!

rockleex3760d ago

The one you always see at the beginning or the end of most PS3 videos/trailers from Sony.

It would look so nice as a background! >:D

Btw, anyone know when 3.0 will be released?

Blaster_Master3760d ago

Okay, so the pixel junk theme has me sold now. Doesnt mean Im not pissed about not getting cross game chat though.

jamesrocks31473760d ago

the upgraded so called friend list and trophies was not showen in the offical video and why is that??? maybe theres a bit more of a suprise in there i hope to god in game lobby/in game chat

zaza1263760d ago

i was thinking/hoping the exact same thing
only a couple more weeks to find out now!

ia_studio3759d ago

Ps3 price cut!!!
Ps3 Slim
Littlebigplanet(gets water)
animated backgrounds for playstation
and all those freaking cool features.


ps. xbox what's an xbox?

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Megaton3760d ago

Really digging these dynamic themes.

The Great Melon3760d ago

They finally have done what I have wanted since the psp cane out with the animated background. They made more animated backgrounds. Hopefully this means people can make their own backgrounds now. I love subtle backgrounds that you can zone out on.

JL3760d ago

Definitely. I've been wanting them to implement more animated themes. The original theme got old and the still picture theme I have now just seems so stoic in comparison. That LBP and Pixeljunk one they showed though look pretty cool. Be interesting to see if they allow for users to create these new types of themes like they do/did with the current style of themes.

insanemcbain3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

i want to be able to backup all my game saves in one go

JL3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

The dynamic themes could indeed make some cool lil pre-order bonuses. I'd imagine they'll do like they do with themes now though (as far as pricing), where they'll have some free ones to draw you in, then premium ones that you have to pay for (and are probably a bit better). I would half imagine those three they showed there as coming with the firmware for free.

@insanemcbain mean the backup feature that is included on the ps3?

insanemcbain3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

perhaps I should have been clearer. under your game saves you can only copy one file at a time, thats rather annoying if you ask me.

and you mentioned it, that great backup feature that only gives you the option to backup EVERYTHING....movies....mp3's. right thats 200GB of data for me. I already have copies of my movies and mp3's on my PC and the games can be downloaded again.

how about a QUICK backup option for just the system settings, game data and saves.

i'd like to be able to backup my ps3 regularly but currently it's either too much work or takes too much time.

Guido3760d ago

Oh well, at least there are those of us happy with what they are doing. Kudos Sony for another job well done!

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sinncross3760d ago

just release it SONY!!!!


VsAssassin3760d ago

Sony is definitely on a big roooollll!!!

Rob0g0rilla3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

I want a GOWIII or Uncharted 2 animated theme.

Pentex3760d ago

I bet Kratos ripping that guy's head over and over on your TV should make an interesting theme lol

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The story is too old to be commented.