Forza 3 'pushes Xbox further than ever before'

TechRadar speaks to Turn 10 - who insist that the envelope has been pushed for the entire console for the latest in the Forza franchise

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Saaking3764d ago

If true then that's pretty sad considering it looks like crap.

tuglu_pati3764d ago

You officially have become the next "nasim" in N4G.

AngryHippo3764d ago

...that was a pretty pathetic comment Saaking. Oh well. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. I am guessing you are a Playstation fan, an extremist one at that, seeing as I am sure there are normal Playstation fans out there that can appreciate that Forza 3 looks really good. Maybe its time to grow up a little bit and stop making PS3 fans look like complete mindless goons.

On topic, game looks fantastic, I cannot wait to get my hands on it this October.

Ninver3764d ago

Pushing the 360 and they can't even match half the features in GT5 lol. Save your money folks for the Real Driving Simulator coming this december.

Gue13764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

You know what's sad bots? That it is the true... The game does not look that great. The same with Alan Wake. =/

Mo0eY3764d ago

Before it was "the definitive racer of this generation" and now it just "pushes Xbox further than ever before."

Turn 10 shat their pants because GT5 showed up at GamesCom.

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Calcio3764d ago

I've had a play on forza 3 and it's great.

Information Minister3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

I envy you man, I really do. Not many people so far have been able to play both games and are in a position to tell us which one has the best physics and damage models. And you're right about GT5 not being able to upload videos to Oh well... I guess GT fans will have to settle for Youtube. /s

Both games look very promising and I'm sure they won't disappoint. Why can't we just be happy with that?

G3TDOWN3764d ago


Forza is an Awesome game but you cannot compare it to GT. It's just funny and it sounds like a joke


Saints row is an awesome game but you cannot compare it to GTA

keysy4203764d ago

the reason they should is because if gt sh1ts on it then the 360 looks more like crap

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kaveti66163764d ago

It does look amazing. In a few more years the developers will learn how to get even more efficient with the resources, and then games will look even greater. At some point, I'm hoping for better, riveting stories.

Ninver3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Dude they've already had the luxury of developing two racing games on the 360, i'd expect them to atleast know what they are doing by now. Like i said, people who are incompetent will always try and talk down their superior adversaries.

I repeat "Definitive my ass".

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kaveti66163764d ago

Okay, Beaver, we get your point. You want to rub your genitals in our faces in a display of superiority. Stop acting like an animal for a second, and stop giving such a damn about video games. Come on dude, it's a fricking game. Be a bigger man, and stop being a fanboy, or at least keep your fanboy comments to yourself. I'm not making any guarantees, but I think that if you stop attacking, the other side will stop attacking eventually, and then maybe we can all start being normal people.

WhittO3764d ago

you should also hope for your 360 to over-heat more if you want it to be "pushed" more

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The story is too old to be commented.