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gamesR4fun3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

with a free b thrown in sounds good for the fable fans

doesnt look like well get a pc version cant blame them tho they gotta b makin a killing on the 360.

qface643765d ago

they are taking fable 2 and cutting it up into 5 parts the first part is free the others will cost you

i don't really see the point to be honest

gamesR4fun3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

repackaged? wth that cant b right...

"Peter Molyneux today at GamesCon 09 announced that Fable 2 will be getting five all new chapters to download and expand upon. This will be called Fable Episodic with the first chapter being free releasing September 29, 2009."

still from reading the description n stuff on the story it does seem to b fable2 man they jus trying to milk sales?

qface643765d ago

believe me when i hear that part about 5 new chapters not to mention free i was already considering getting part 2

-EvoAnubis-3765d ago

These aren't five all "new" episodes of Fable 2. It's Fable 2 split into 5 parts and put on XBL as separate items, the first one being free. The only "new" thing is that it's in five parts instead of one.

midgetsanx3765d ago

yeah. the submitter should change it before misleading people.

Yi-Long3765d ago

... for 30 bucks or so.

I already knew they were gonna DLC-milk this, so for me that was a reason to not buy this game full-price.

Seems like a great game though, but there are many great games out, so I don't waste my money on games that are gonna DLC-skim me...

xaviertooth3765d ago


I loled they even bothered to show up. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

ssipmraw3765d ago

yeah it is pretty funny, at e3 sony atleast countered what the 360 conference had and then some

kookro3765d ago

honestly... if i were someone who was on the fence about buying fable 2 i would download the first free chapter as a demo, and if i like it i would purchase the entire game from a store... not chapter by chapter.

gamesR4fun3765d ago

i dunno wth they are thinking must really need more sales..

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