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qface643767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

wow fable 3 already part 2 hasn't even been out a year yet

i just started playing the first one haven't even picked up the second one yet

like the game i just really don't like the fact that you age in minutes

TheColbertinator3767d ago

I think you'll like the first one more than part 2

qface643767d ago

really i was thinking the 2nd would be better?

RememberThe3573767d ago

It had so much heart to it. The second felt like it almost had less content. I think they tried to streem line things just a little too much. But from what I have already read about Fable 3, I have some really high hopes.

Halo3 MLG Pro3767d ago

Fable 2 was awesome but I have to agree that Fable: Lost Chapters was better. One of my favorite games of all time.

Panthers3767d ago

Never played Lost Chapters, but the original Fable was absolutely terrible in my opinion. The story was boring and almost non-existent and it was very short.

The General3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

They had a conference just to show this? Where was there response to Sony's awesome conference?

How will the Xbox Defense Force spin this one?

Really duh? Anybody?

P.s., everybody lookout for Really Duh and his numerous accounts disagreeing with every opinion not pro 360.

qface643767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

aww that's lame i was considering picking up the second one
while i do enjoy the 1st i always feel like i want more like it should have more but if 2 feels like less then meh

the story is a joke if you ask me but i play the game because its good fun
i have the original does the lost chapters offer more?

ThanatosDMC3767d ago

Chances of me buying this game and setting up my 360 back up... extremely high.

Exquisik3767d ago

Honestly, you should pick up Fable II. I would highly recommend it. The story isn't that great...especially the ending, but the gameplay is good enough to keep you entertained.

If you like Fable I, then I think you will like Fable II as well. Just be glad that you didn't fall into the hype like many other did.

KillaManiac3767d ago

Fable Lost Chapters was amazing for Xbox/PC, but I gotta say Fable 2 was a BIG disappointment.

The dog was cool for a while but i wanted it to jump off a cliff after a few hours b/c he made the game too easy when it came to finding treasure.

And the push of their "fully functional" online multiplayer aspect sucked hard! Hell...offline and online sucked big time b/c of 2nd player not being able to use his main character and you couldnt get items on it. The Offline sucked b/c you were stuck on 1 single camera together.

Fable 3 this early sounds like it will be Fable 2.5.

I am crossing my fingers they actually do what they say this time....because im getting fed up with all the promises that turn into disappointment from Lionhead.

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JL3767d ago

I'm sitting here reading the live blog on VG247 (which is pretty much just reciting what Peter is saying it seems). I will say he has a way for building something up. This game is sounding f*cking awesome. Fable has been one of the few titles that I feel regret about missing out on since I'd never buy a 360. Fable 3 here is sounding awesome. I really like the whole strategy element with the Judgment feature and all. Game is sounding very nice indeed.

Now it's over? Fable talk is it? That kinda sucks. Though that is sounding to be a huge game for the 360. I am envious of this and Conviction now. Oh well, guess I'll have to deal with it.

qface643767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

from what i hear peter is all about making promises and making something sound so great but never delivering

something like that

soul899er3767d ago

It's true I posted about it in the open zone, -__-

Megaton3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Yeah that pretty much sums up Peter Molyneux. He promises an ocean and delivers a lake. That's why I took Milo with a grain of salt, and sure enough, after the press got some time with it, several of them said it appeared to be manipulated by a guy on a laptop, and wasn't anywhere near the whole "Skynet interactive living AI" he tried to play it off as.

SevWolf3767d ago

@ 2.2: As much as I hate to say this, the reason Peter Molyneux is my least favorite developer is because he talks and promises WAY to much. I mean I've never played Fable 1....after watching all his interviews I got very hyped. I bought Fable 2 Limited 2-disc edition, I watched the behind the scenes first, and it was, mostly, all Molyneux promising about the "emotional attachment", I got sooooo hyped put in the game, and watched on of my favorite concepts be turned to a meh game by mediocre execution, I felt sooo sad, so that's why I'm thinking twice before trusting Molyneux again...even though this does seem promising.

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The Wood3767d ago

its also great for fable fans. The episodic bit sounds a bit iffy though

SarcasticBastard3767d ago

Oh..great...i'm so excited..

SnuggleBandit3767d ago

cool i still want to play these games...mass effect and fable...the two franchises i want on the ps3

ShadowCK3767d ago

Loved Fable II, Can't wait for Fable III. =D

Lionhead Studios FTW.

AngryTypingGuy3767d ago

Awesome! I better get my ass in gear and play Fable II then...