PSP 2 In 2015, Ps3 Slim Confirmed, Motion Controller, PS3 Firmware 3.0 Debut

The PlayStation Portable is probably one the best hand held gaming console on the market -if not THE best-. Given that Sony is always making new and better versions of each of there consoles: Ps2, Ps3, and the PSP there is no surprise that almost everyone has some sort of Sony product ala TV, Sounds System, Gaming Platforms, etc. They have also always been true to their "10 Year Life Cycle"."

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Ninver3765d ago

All signs point to a bright future for Sony and ps3 gamers. The time to buy a ps3 is NOW!

The price is right and the games speak for themselves.

Aft3rKill3765d ago

Now literally NOW... But come September absolutely

RememberThe3573765d ago

It's interesting how things have changed (attitudes wise).

theEnemy3765d ago

but I don't regret buying my gun metal ps3 last year because 2008 was awesome for the PS3.

And so far, 2009 is topping it pretty quick!


The Great Melon3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )


Gunmetal ps3, how I envy you. I despise the glossy finish that companies put on their electronics. Anything but glossy would solve the smudge and dust issues with those products.

ThanatosDMC3765d ago

And here i thought life as we know it is gonna end around 2012, guess we need to get our hands on PSP2 before the end happens.

(Holy crap! I was looking for a site about Dec. 21, 2012 just to freak people in N4G and found people wanting to build underground shelters for the upcoming year!)

dragunrising3765d ago

If PSP 2 is literally coming out in 4-5 years I might be inclined to buy a Go. I'm worried about buying a PSP Go and it being replaced by #2 in a year or 2.

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TrevorPhillips3765d ago

psp 2 2015 heeeeeeeeee thats way too long, but on the other hand I'm sure Sony are working really hard on the specs for the PSP2. and will bring along good titles.

Pandamobile3765d ago

2015? What the christ?

By then we'll be able to shrink the PS3 into a handheld form factor.

PataponKnight3765d ago

Then the five years would be worth the wait, lol.

kaveti66163765d ago

Well, I assume that's Sony's plan.

Saaking3765d ago

MS doesn't stand a chance.

Sunny_D3765d ago

The xbox brand won't have any relevance by the time the PS3 surpasses it.
"What's an xbox?"

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The story is too old to be commented.