Invizimals Trailer

Joystiq writes: "Invizimals was one of the biggest surprises for us at E3. Shown only behind closed doors, we were captivated by its unique camera-based, Pokemon-inspired gameplay. It felt "magical," and we think you'll agree once you see this story trailer. As you can see, these critters are real, only visible through the PSP camera. But what if the energy of these invisible animals could be weaponized? Terrifying, isn't it? As the trailer shows, this is serious, Academy Award-winning stuff. You will not witness truer human drama."

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alster233764d ago

how many kinds of monsters r there?

Godmars2903764d ago

That the PSPgo both doesn't have an internal camera or supports the external mod for the regular PSP.

RememberThe3573764d ago

I thought for sure they would have had a camera built in the PSP Go. I wonder how they're going to deal with this little problem.

rockleex3763d ago

I'll be sure to try and "find some Invizimals" by aiming that camera at some girl's boobs or up her skirt. >:D

*gets kicked in the crotch* >_<

Saaking3764d ago

I really think a camera like this should have been integrated into the PSP GO, but it's not necessary.

saint_john_paul_ii3764d ago

it should of been there though. im pretty sure cell phone cameras arent so expensive to integrate into the PSP go. such a small flaw. oh well. it they can get the camera out for the PSP go, then it will be all good.

Godmars2903763d ago

Like the add-on PSP camera costs an arm and a leg? What is it $40-$50? Probably less than $20 to make.