Round Four: Sony

Masterpinky2000 writes..... After almost three years of taking a beating, Sony has finally gotten it right as we barrel forward into the fourth year of the Playstation 3's lifespan. The 360 got the jump on the high-definition crowd, and the Wii stole away all the "mom gamers" out there. Meanwhile, the PS3 seemed designed to cater to a decidedly smaller demographic: the technophile, cinematic enthusiast who also wants to play a few video games now and then. Because of that move, Sony - a company whose success was so staggering in the previous generation that it seemed to give them a catastrophic case of irrational exuberance in this one - has struggled. The Playstation 3 debuted at a price that was above and beyond what I (and a lot of other people, including about 75 percent of the former Playstation 2 user base) had ever even imagined paying for a video game console.

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vShinobi3769d ago

Not all PS3 owners use it for movies and other features and just play games from time to time, some actually bought it as a gaming console I know surprising huh PS3 is actually a gaming console.