PS3 Slim Gets its First Bundle

Anoop Gantayat: "New Gundam game to be included with slimline model."

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ape0073761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

of the ps3 box,the game box itself is just amazing,FW update 3 even add much needed life for the ps3,this is a major change in ps3's image in the right direction,I really like

$299 u can't go wrong

one game like the jaw dropping uncharted 2 worth buying a ps3 for

sony wanna chainsaw the whole world

OFF TOPIC:konami make the party perfect,release mgs4 trophy patch

LordMarius3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

My Sony is moving fast, all they need is ads now

Also notice how the box is the same style as the Eyepet one, I guess this is the new look

Dragun6193761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Yea, Sony is moving fast. There really trying to capture this holiday season (Guaranteed if Gran Turimso 5 comes out this Year). About Ads,I really think they let the media market the PS3 Slim.

If you didn't notice practically everyday someone would post an article about PS3 Slim/ price drop rumors. IGN, Gamespy, Gametrailers,kotaku, you name it, the media practically advertised the PS3 Slim than you know the typical BS like Sinking Titanic.
Other than that, Sony's making a Comeback!

sofresh2003761d ago

The new game box looks great, is this for all games or just PS3 slim bundled games? I must say that having two different game boxes on the market is really strange. Hopefully Sony doesn't get too crazy with this re-image thing.

saint_john_paul_ii3761d ago

"The new game box looks great, is this for all games or just PS3 slim bundled games?"

The new game box will change starting with Uncharted 2. thats what the guys at sony stated today.

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alster233761d ago

lol the japanese will gobble this up

TheHater3761d ago

Japanese sure do love their Gundams

CaptainKratos3761d ago

i have this old ooooold poster of Gundam Seed i think, then syfy started showing them and i got all into it. :)

Marceles3761d ago

"lol the japanese will gobble this up"

exactly what I was thinking lol...

Sunny_D3761d ago

That is a sexy box! If Sony bundles this with FF 13 this holiday season. Japan is going to have a storm up there.

AntoineDcoolette3761d ago

Not a Tsunami, a 6.9 quake in Tokyo

SmokingMonkey3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

...what to soon?

I kid, I find it horrible that the US ("we" in my case) used an atomic bomb against Japan. But it was either that or " Incendiary Bat Bombs" lol

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Aclay3761d ago

Even though these Gundam games don't have a reputation for being good games when it comes to reviews, they always seem to sell pretty good in Japan.

A PS3 Slim Bundled with Final Fantasy XIII in Japan or GT5 this Holiday... now that would be Epic.

oldskoolgamer3761d ago

that makes sense to me but someone still disagreed with you

Mr Tretton3761d ago

The box looks terrible. The font looks terrible. Sony has sh*t on what was once a beautiful presentation of a console.

I understand having to cheapen the build of the console to drop the price, but don't pull some font from the 80's ffs. And 'PlayStation 3' in the old font looks bad. It's just begging to try and re-identify the brand with it's glory days.

Well, good luck to the new PS3 though. Glad I have the sexy 60 GB (320 for me)

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The story is too old to be commented.