Games to Get with your Slim

With the new low price of the PS3 at $299, a lot of gamers who were on edge about getting one will likely take the plunge and pick up a new PS3 in the relative future. To help make your new purchase a worthwhile experience, here are some of the top games you should consider picking up with your new system and a few games to look forward to in the near future.

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mrjuandrful3767d ago

What a joke. How can you list games to get with the PS3 Slim and not mention God of War III as a game to look forward to?

mrjuandrful3767d ago

he didn't have it there, I mentioned it then it "magically" appeared.

Saaking3767d ago

PS3 has the best exclusives. Anyone who buys a PS3 will get the best games this gen.

MattyF3767d ago

There certainly are a lot of great titles to get for the PS3.

kai_h3767d ago

Does anyone know which of the upcoming exclusives to look for has split-screen? The lack of big split-screen games concerns me right now, so I'm wondering if any of those have it? I think Gran Turismo 5 has it.

Insomnia_843766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Warhawk, LBP, Motorstorm:PR, Super Stardust HD, Gran Turismo 5, Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2.
...and I'd recommend to wait for the "Little Big Planet Game of The Year Edition" coming in the second week of September.