GameSpy: Checking Out the PlayStation 3 Slim

Within an hour of today's PS3 Slim announcement, Sony PR reps descended upon GameSpy's offices to deliver a retail unit -- how's that for promptness? Anyhow, they've spent a bit of time checking it out and snapping photos, and they have some definite thoughts about this new "compact" PS3 model.

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TomMcBaum3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )


TomMcBaum3768d ago

Gamespy's inability to take a decent photo of a review unit makes them look like amateurs. And their review is basically a childish rant. Good luck getting early access to the next big Sony release, guys!

madpuppy3768d ago

stay professional, GameSpy!

Johnny Rotten3768d ago

I'm not defending the whole slime design because I havn't seen it yet, but this whole article just sounded like a bunch of nerds. Actually it kinda reminded me of the douchebags that work at Kotaku... just saying.

Mr Tretton3768d ago

yeah, they all seem like a bunch of b*tches

Dipso3768d ago

"Also, note all the fun things it doesn't come with, like component cables and ethernet cables. What a deal!"

Now that really is pathetic nitpicking. A 120gb hardrive, wi-fi enabled gaming machine with a plethora of multimedia functions and a blu-ray player to boot, for $299?! What a deal!