PS3 Firmware Update 3.0: Does It Make The Grade?

Chris Selogy of SmashPad says:

"The monumental 3.0 update for the PS3 should bring with it substantial additions that tackle the long list of requests that is posted in every corner of the internet. So will the upcoming firmware bring the goods? We rate the updates below:


Firmware 3.0 – Rating: C

Though these additions are nice improvements on certain aspects of the XMB, none of these things are really a big deal to be worth the jump to 3.0 from where we stand at 2.80 right now."

Read on for the detailed breakdown.

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edwineverready3764d ago

Cross game chat. party chat. that's the only last thing i need and then all the other additions are extra.

ARog343764d ago

I hope to see it soon, too...

Venomish3764d ago

if they add it, are you really going to use it??
I would probably try it once to see how it works and never touch it again

Sk8boyP3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

I wish that could happen, but Microsoft has those features patented which is why it hasn't been addressed yet. I would've loved for the PS3 to have those features, I would get one. But instead I'm sitting here waiting here for my 360 Elite to get back from Microsoft repair center. I'd be cool to be able to have Cross Game Chat and a reliable console at the same time. But that's a "feature" reserved for heaven.

Yes guys, thanks to Microsoft, having a reliable console is now a feature. lol

chaosatom3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

But Who cares, lets give it a grade anyways.

I also think Cross-game invite is more important than cross-game chat, but that's just me.

jwatt3764d ago

Didn't ms also patent in-game music but Sony found a way around it?

Final_Rpg3764d ago

Here's an idea to get round the patent: implement skype. Two birds with one stone my friends.

Sk8boyP3764d ago

They found a slight alternative, because it's not in every game. Since it's on a game to game basis the developers themselves have to take advantage of the feature, which makes it "iffy" whether or not it'll be available in one game compared to another. Which is also why it has to be "activated" in LBP, I didn't even know it was available in LBP.

Noob3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Only how it is done, right? If that's the case, I'm sure they will have cross game chat on PS3. Also, the insider on these fourms said it would be coming before the holidays. I'm not saying he's 100% right but so far he hasn't been wrong about anything.

talltony3764d ago

I guarantee that most of the new features are what you cant see. We will hear all about them later like we always do.

RememberThe3573764d ago

I think the new animated backgrounds are pretty sick too. I personally don't have any complaints.

uie4rhig3764d ago

i wouldn't be surprised if cross chat is actually built in to the new firmware, but Sony might be surprising us. Super_Secret has been right 100% so far (including the 250GB ps3 Slim: ).. but you never know!

Viper73764d ago

Pretty nice updates, and it is also nice to hear that Sony at least tries to follow the "Do not fix whats not Broken". For those who don't care about animated themes or sparkling XMB can easily just use the old themes so no1 is forced to use these.

Although the thing about avatars got me a bit dis pointed.. Seriously theres no need to add new avatar pictures, just give us the way to upload our own. Especially if there will be "premium avatars" which just sounds really retarded as 2d avatar picks have been free from the beginning of time.

callahan093764d ago

So basically this guy has deemed everything that the firmware has irrelevant and rated it purely on the fact that it doesn't have some features he wanted it to have. This is a nice update and it will make the XMB much smoother, more efficient, more attractive. Judge it on what it's doing, not what it doesn't do.

uie4rhig3764d ago

also, he's got em all at B-/B/B+/A- (6 of em) and one D and the average comes out at a C lol

rockleex3764d ago

That Sony was trying to implement cross-game chat for 3.0, but it probably won't make it. He also said cross-game chat will definitely be out by the end of the year.

Also, this article is pointless. The firmware numbers represent how much Sony they added to the XMB.

The firmware numbers don't represent how IMPORTANT those features are to each and every one of us.

dantesparda3763d ago

Are nice, no! No, it doesnt. No backwards compatibility and no cross-game chat & voice messaging makes it disappointing. I also give it a C. Sony keeps doing this sh!t and they need to stop doing it, this is why they are losing.

deadreckoning6663763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

I agree with the first comment and with the C rating. The only thing that blew my mind was the interactive xmb thg

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Nitrowolf23764d ago

i am really excited for the new themes. i likes that LBP one, this is really sweet, i hope we get the ability to cut a video scene and set it as theme

Rifle-Man3764d ago

Yeah, the themes are cool. And finally I'll get to change my avatar to something other than Nathan Hale.

Nathaniel_Drake3764d ago

yeah just seeing the dynamic custom theme of little big planet grades this firmware an A+ for me

rockleex3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Kind of like how Sony allows user created themes.

Imagine an official GT5 dynamic background. Cars crashing in slow motion. Deforming, breaking into pieces, spinning out, etc according to realistic physics. :O

Imagine user created dynamic boobs with full physics for our backgrounds? :P

Klipz-Wish3764d ago

If you really have to review the firmware at least wait till it actually comes out instead of reviewing a video preview and description on the PS blog

Christopher3764d ago

Does it really matter? It's a site that just wants to complain about 'features every gamer has been screaming about for the last gazillion years' not being present yet. Forget the issue of having to develop a method that doesn't infringe on Microsoft's patent of the technology when used with console games, they want it now and until then the Firmware gets a D or a C grade from random site #87148.

GiantEnemyCrab3764d ago

I know it sounds lame but I'm actually most excited about the animated themes. Bring on 3.0!

This sounds an awful lot like a review. Unless this person has it I would say they are jumping the gun on this.

Noob3764d ago

It adds life to the XMB. I can't get over that LBP theme.

DreamcastFanboy3764d ago

I want cross chat not animated themes.

Blacktric3764d ago

Yeah I was hoping for it to show up with FW 3.0 but it didn't. And also I was waiting for backward compatibility too but thanks to Sony I'm (should I say we) screwed once again. I'm not going to buy any game from PSN now on (except exclusive ones (which I don't care about too much)). If Sony's going to keep doing these stupid cosmetic changes I'm not gonna buy anything from them.

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