X-Play preview Lair

Here X-Play preview another big game, this time Lair for the PS3.

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snoop_dizzle4276d ago

i loved the rogue squadron games, and i have really high expectations for this game.

4276d ago
Hydrolex4276d ago

This game is about PS3 cell and memory ram power !

MGS4 is about PS3 cell and GPU power !

ITR4276d ago

This game never impressed me, but then again I'm not into dragon games.

It reminds me of Panzer dragoon.

Satanas4276d ago

It should be better than that.

I have my eyes set on this game right now, mainly for its graphical and innovative appeal, but I'll wait to see what it gets in reviews.

Looks good though, I like the musical score too.

Close_Second4276d ago

Was expecting a little more after all the hype around the Cell. I mean, all the ground troops look the same and they seem to move in groups not as individuals. Each group also seems to move in unison - just watch them all step at the same time when backing away from the dragon.

However, the game looks like a lot of fun and the graphics overall do look pretty solid. I don't see anything that the 360 couldn't pull off...

kornbeaner4276d ago

The build shown is a preview build and does not have the A.I. code progression put into it for the purpose of making a good demo.

Who wants to see a preview where the player is always dying.

End game will have acutally have A.I. in it.

Satanas4276d ago

Wait till the game itself is released.

The Cell is clearly capable of a lot, just look at it's many uses outside of gaming.

If utilised well, some great games can be made.

Cartesian3D4276d ago

impressive graphics and gameplay.. a good story can make this game unforgetable..

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The story is too old to be commented.