TRINE on PlayStation Network in Sept., says Nobilis

Frozenbyte's TRINE has been out for quite some time on the PC, but those waiting for the game to make its way to PlayStation Network will have to wait a bit longer. TRINE is a clever action game similar to the Lost Vikings where you control one of three characters at a time, use their specific skills to solve puzzles, and move on to the next challenge.

But PS3 owners are having a different challenge: trying to figure out just when this game will be released on PlayStation Network. On the official Frozenbyte boards, a nameless Frozenbyte employee is helpless to explain why the game keeps missing release dates and when the game will be released. The conversation inevitably devolves as he or she explains that the process is "out of their hands" and that they "don't know" when it will be released.

Not satisfied with the responses from Frozenbyte, Crispy Gamer took the liberty of contacting Nobilis for some information on this mystery.

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