Darkest of Days Demo Surpasses 100,000 Downloads in a Week

In the words of Phantom EFX's CEO Aaron Schurman, "Let me tell you, there is nothing like going back to Ancient Rome and mowing fools down with an assault rifle."

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Baka-akaB3618d ago

It's a demo , what's the point of counting how many people got something entirely free ?

TheIneffableBob3618d ago

It shows how many people are interested in the game.

Baka-akaB3618d ago

doesnt mean anything really ... it's a demo .

We've all downloaded demo of stuff we hate .

SactoGamer3618d ago

Demo or not, for one week that's fairly impressive.

rawrockkillz3618d ago

ya i downloaded it, played it for about 10 min, and then deleted it. It was not good.

M337ING3618d ago

Downloaded and deleted after the second stage. Bleh, wouldn't have been fun, even last generation.