Fat Princess getting Ninja class?

Titan Studios posted a pic of ninjas on their blog.

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LordMarius3766d ago

Wow, this will be pretty cool
loving this game, although I'm still having minor issues once in a while

DasBunker3766d ago

LOL that'll be awesome.. as long as its not some DLC we have to pay for O.O

i can see the ninja becoming the best class.. i bet it'll jump higher than the other classes

Bgibbs3765d ago

Yeah it could be very fun as long as it doesn't cost any extra money. I bet it will only have 4, or even 3 hearts though

rockleex3765d ago

Cowboys VS Samurais

That would be awesome.

Godmars2903765d ago

What if it not a new class for the full game, but a new costume for a new DLC set. One with samurai instead of warriors, ninja instead of archers and so on. Just new class types to cover new map sets.

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Sunny_D3766d ago

I've yet to get FAT PRINCESS... :(

saint_john_paul_ii3766d ago

HAHAHA, this makes the game so much better.

SpaceSquirrel3766d ago

Should be interesting seeing what their abilities are.

Muff1nB4k3r3766d ago

we still need pirates to complete that authentic fights from eternity feel of red vs blue, ninjas vs pirates! =D

singhjeet293765d ago

One weapon will probably be throwing ninja stars, and the other i guess swords; as it seems to look like from the picture.

Ninja's and Pirates would be a nice addition to the game :P

Tinted Eyes3766d ago

maybe really fast?

regardless this is great news i mean the game is already so fun

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The story is too old to be commented.