RPGfan : From Software Announces Original PS3 RPG

Chris Winkler writes "From Software today announced an original action RPG titled 3D Dot Game Heroes for the PlayStation 3. As the title suggests, the game will feature a peculiar style of visuals, i.e. a three-dimensional take on traditional sprite-based graphics. Meanwhile, the story will be more orthodox than the visuals, as the player will control the descendant of a hero tasked with saving the world. The game is produced by Masanori Takeuchi (Otogi, Enchanted ARMS, Ninja Blade, etc.) and developed by Silicon Studio."

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saint_john_paul_ii3769d ago

cant wait till TGS. Thats where the real meat and Patatoes are for RPG fans. Not to Mention Polyphony Digital with GT5,lol.

TheColbertinator3769d ago

I'm wondering if anyone submitted this before.Hopefully its not a duplicate

callahan093769d ago

Takeuchi produced Demon's Souls too. This game could be special. I like all of Takeuchi's games (yes, including Enchanted Arms).

patterson3769d ago

More JRPGs is good news. Keep 'em coming!

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