AppVee: Cartoon Wars Review

AppVee writes: "Cartoon Wars is an interesting game. Topping the appstore downloads as the number 2 paid app for a while, this game has stole many hours away from my life and as such deserves some recognition. The game is very similar to stick wars, the tower defense game. But instead of just defending your tower from invaders, you also send out your own army to attack the enemy tower. As you progress through, you collect gold which can buy you different upgrades. New units can be bought or old ones can be upgraded. You tap a unit icon to send them out into the war but each unit costs mana. Mana is generated automatically and the rate at which it is generated can also be upgraded with gold. If you are being overrun or just need some buffer attack, your tower is capable of sending out arrows which can hold an army at bay and create a great opportunity to gain some mana. The game is actually a pretty long as there are plenty of units to unlock and upgrade. It was pretty difficult and the difficulty only grew as I began to upgrade. I cannot begin to tell you how depressing it was to see the computer player send out it's newly purchased unit and watch the thing crush all my minions. Overall, the game is a wonderfully made game that could keep you entertained for hours, days or even weeks. The purchasing system is wonderful and it's a ton of fun to try and keep the frontlines away from your tower. I recommend checking it out, it's available for a dirt cheap price and is well-worth the money."

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