Can the PS3 Slim save Sony this holiday season?

With game delays, few exclusives, and a 3rd party heavy line-up, asks the question "Can the PS3 Slim save Sony's holiday season?".

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Spike473770d ago

Are consumers stupid?
We will know when the "worldwide"(notice I didn't say NPD) sales arrive at the end of the holidays. Anybody that has a brain and likes gaming would buy a PS3.

deadreckoning6663770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

LOL, the consumers ARE stupid. Are u forgetting that the Wii is in 1st place and the PS3 is in 3rd? Believe it or not but "informed hardcore gamers' are the minority. For me, PS3 is the best value and best overall console by far, but unfortunately the kids like to play Halo.

@EvoAnubis- Actually, from a business standpoint Sony DOES need saving. They're STILL losing money off every console sold. Its amazing that they have the balls to drop it to $300 bucks considering that Blu-Ray players alone cost around $200 bucks these days. At $300, its the best value ull get from a home entertainment machine.

soxfan20053770d ago

Anyone with a brain will spend their hard earned money on whichever console has the games they want to play most. Could be PS3, could be 360, could be Wii, could even be PS2.

darthv723770d ago

That is more of your personal opinion. You figure everyone is not the same therefore they have free will to purchase what they want. If presented with the choice of a wii (possibly at $199), 360 arcade (maybe with 60gb hdd) at $199 or ps3 slim at $299 you can see the best value is the ps3. Yet to a consumer it may not be about the amount of features you are getting but more about the enjoyment you are looking for.

Possibly nintendo could drop the price of the wii to $199 and it will more than likely sell out again to those who missed out last season. It could sell well at the reg $250 but not likely. Same thing goes for MS. They could revamp the arcade and make it have a std hdd size of 60gb and raise the price to $199 as well as lower the elite to $299 (maybe even bump the hdd size to 160gb). We know both companies are looking at ways to increase market share while cutting costs.

Sony is first up with it offer to consumers. Tomorrow we may see the second offer from MS. In the end you cant call consumers stupid for not buying what you support. It is a choice and one they have to deal with not you. (speaking generally, not to any one specific poster in this thread).

I really wish good sales all around as that will promote companies to invest more $$ into their gaming divisions leading to greater games. Realistically, you really shouldnt wish for any company to go belly up. It only leads to more criticism in the hobby we all love by others who just dont understand.

D R Fz3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

With this whole new pricing, I'm definitely buying two more PS3's.

One slim for my younger brother whose going to Princeton and another one for the family room downstairs. I can finally take my 60g to my room.

A $300 entertainment system that can play top quality games and blu-rays? Priceless.

Sony knew what it was doing all along.

-EvoAnubis-3770d ago

For the last damned time, Sony doesn't need saving!

callahan093770d ago

Yeah, seriously, these articles are starting to get really annoying. And the PS3 has few exclusives this holiday? Really? There's PLENTY.

beeeffess3770d ago

They mean just for the xmas season.

Sony is fine overall.

Ethereal213770d ago

Did they say few exclusives.....and heavy third party..hahaha

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The story is too old to be commented.