Sony: Market-Boosting Slim PS3 Will Phase Out Old Models

Kotaku writes...... With three key changes to its guts, the new PlayStation 3 is more cost-efficient and poised to boost Sony's market share, Sony told Kotaku today. Oh, and the slim has no rear power button.

Sony is hoping that the the newly-announced slim PlayStation 3, launching in the U.S. on September 1 for $299, will be "a game-changing" moment for PlayStation, John Koller, Sony Computer Entertainment of America director of hardware marketing, told Kotaku today. "We think it's the sign of a substantial market increase in the sales base of PlayStation 3."

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interrergator3767d ago

well all u need to do is get the word out

iown-ipwn-ikill3767d ago

theirs a reason, slim....rhymes with win.

vickers5003767d ago

Aww :(

I still think the original ps3 looks better.

deadreckoning6663767d ago

It doesn't look as sexy as the fat ps3, but that slim one is making me consider buying another one if mine breaks.

soxfan20053767d ago

I'm a 360 guy, as most here know, but I'll admit it - I'm surprised. I didn't think the slim was real - mostly because I think the regular PS3 is already a really good looking machine (even better looking than the slim). I also didn't expect it to be announced for $299. Serious props to Sony - they've dropped a bomb, that's for sure.

I wonder if lines will form outside stores the night before the slim launch, like they did in 2006 for the original launch. That would be some serious bragging rights for Sony if it happens. If so, each manufacturer will have made a huge splash this generation:

Nintendo - Wii still sold out after 2 years, first place practically since day one.
MS - Outselling last generation's console by over 25% (so far) in far less time.

Good times for all gamers, that's for sure.

-Mezzo-3767d ago

agreed. i am getting this as soon as it is available.