PS3 Slim Australian & New Zealand Prices

The long awaited announcement from Sony to announce the new PS3 Slim has happened as you all know by now. RatedG4Gamer just got in a press release from Sony Australia which tells us the offical prices for gamers in Australian and New Zealand.

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Immortal Kaim3771d ago

As usual, Aus and NZ get the short end of the stick.

$499 Au...not bad but not what I was hoping.

mrv3213771d ago

You get your beaches, attractive Woman bars and legal prostution stop moaning. In britain all we have left are our games and top gear there's nothing else on TV worth watching.

Immortal Kaim3771d ago

LOL good points. Well we get some of the deadliest creatures known to man, both in and out of the water (FunnelWeb Spider, Box Jellyfish), ridiculous rating systems for games and exorbitant electronic prices (as demonstrated by the PS3 price)...

As for the TV thing, hey, we are in the same boat. All we have on is Home & Away...though you guys love that don't you? ;)

Maisay3771d ago

I hear you, but at least it is less than the current $+600 we have. I wonder how fast the price will really take effect.

*goes to check his local EB Games*

mrv3213771d ago

The attractive Woman and legal prostution is a win win situation. Also they make games cost that much in so people will actually have free time to work and stop have sex/playing games.

Home and Away the reason Australia should import stuff like Red Dwarf.

Also the deadliest Creatures thing is cool why play COD 4 when you can go hunting SHARk with meat flavoured scuba uniform.

Immortal Kaim3771d ago

True, at least the difference isn't as large as it was between prices. All the game stores/retailers I have been too are all sold out of the Phat's, the PS3 Slim will be instore on the 3rd of September.

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