Australia receives PS3 'Slim' price-slash -- $200 less than current RRP

"After months of speculation and rumour, Sony has finally unveiled its new PlayStation 3 system. As expected, the new model boasts a lighter, streamlined body compared to the current PS3 console and will retail for AU$499 ($200 less than the current RRP)."


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chaosatom3769d ago


That's a good thing considering that Australians were getting ripped off before.

BkaY3769d ago

you got that right.. games here start from au$79 to au$119.

my launch ps3 is still kicking azz... but im gonna buy a new one...


grumpysmurf3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

'Bout bloody time we got a fair shake.

Immortal Kaim3769d ago

You forgot to add "of the sauce bottle" to the end of your sentence. :)